Achieving a Better Future and Carrying Forward The Spirit of Dragon

        Cheng Long Group is a comprehensive large-scale enterprise group, it is integrated with special-grade of  general contractor of building construction, grade A of  building  design, urban rail transit (underground and light rail), A level general contractor of municipal public works, A level specialized contract of buildings decoration project, A level general contractor of highway engineering, A level specialized contract of highway pavement engineering, A level specialized contracting of highway subgrade engineering, steel structure work, electromechanical device installation project real estate development, commercial concrete, construction labor, mechanical equipment and revolving material lease, material supply, engineering materials detection, and furthermore, the group has cooperated with Zhejiang University, Shanghai Research Institute of Building Science, Faculty of Zhejiang  Water Resources and Electric Power to establish engineering technology Research & Development center.

SG[T8P%3YP%QFGZYG0E{_RQ.png           The group is the leading enterprise in "the village of building", and it has more than 3000 administrative staff with various professional skills, and it is a fully-reinforced construction powerful force. Adhering to the core idea of "transformation and upgrading, making main business excellent,  adjustment and optimization of structure, interrelation's development", focusing on the 4th five-year developmental strategic , we make efforts to cultivate core competitiveness, build  Cheng Long a centenary brand and keep the road of business promotion via quality and sustainable development. In recent years, we have  created the top quality award of China constructional engineering "Lu Ban Award", "Qianjiang Cup" of Zhejiang province, "Excellent Installation Quality Award of Zhejiang Province", "excellent architectural ornament award of Zhejiang province", "Taihang Cup" of Shanxi province, "Yanta Cup" of Shaanxi province, "West Lake Cup" of Hangzhou city, "Demonstration Project Award of Architectural Structure in Xi’an City", "Quality Standardization Fine Construction Site of Kunming City", "Customer Satisfaction Constructional Engineering of Zhejiang Province" and other multiple honorary awards, Cheng Long excellence-creating team is rewarded the title of national excellent quality management team.

        The group has passed the certification of ISO quality, environment and occupational health and safety management system, the trademark of Cheng Long is confirmed the "Famous Firm of Zhejiang Province" and Cheng Long Trademark is awarded the "Famous Trademark of Zhejiang Province". It has been respectively and continuously awarded the "Yiwu Government Quality Award", "Comprehensive Strength Award", "Economic Development Commitment Award", Top 50 Private Enterprises in Jinhua City, Leading Enterprise in Jinhua Building Industry, Advanced Building Enterprise in Zhejiang Province, Advanced Unit of Quality Management, National Excellent Construction Enterprise, National Advanced Enterprise in Building Industry by Yiwu City, Jinhua City and Superior Government for many years, Cheng Long Group is the Bank Credit AAA Enterprise, 'Trustworthy and Contract-Honoring Enterprise with AAA Industrial and Commercial Enterprise Credits in Zhejiang Province, and 'Trustworthy and Contract-Honoring Enterprise with National AAA Industrial and Commercial Enterprise Credits.