in 1993Established

The predecessor of Cheng Long Construction Group Co., Ltd. is the Yiwu Cheng Long Construction Company subordinate to Yiwu Architecture Design Institute, it was founded in June 1993, and the board chairman, Liu Meichan is the contractor at that time.

in 1997Restructured

In July 1997, Cheng Long Construction Company was restructured into private ownership enterprise from collective enterprise, and Liu Meichan became the operator of the enterprise, and in August of the same year, the company's qualification was promoted to third level from the forth one.

in 2001Renamed

In May 2001, it was renamed: Zhejiang Cheng Long Construction Co., Ltd., and in the January of the following year, the company's qualification was promoted to the second level of general contractor for building construction .

in 2003Promoted

On August 18, 2003, it was renamed: Zhejiang Cheng Long Construction Group Co., Ltd., and in February 2004, the company's qualification was promoted to the first level of general contractor for building construction, and the company become the first enterprise granted this qualification in Yiwu city.

in 2004Renamed

On September 17, 2004, it was renamed: Cheng Long Construction Group Co., Ltd.

in 2006Honor

In the 22th annual meeting of China Association of Construction Enterprise Management, Cheng Long was rewarded as the National Excellent Construction Enterprise in 2006.

in 2007Honor

In 2007, the Yiwu (Beiyuan) administration building project undertaken by the group company was awarded the "Lu Ban Award " for China Constructional Engineering (National Prime-Quality Project) in 2006, and the company became the first enterprise receiving this honor in Yiwu city.

in 2009Honor

In the advanced enterprise experience exchange and commendation conference of in national construction industry, Cheng Long was awarded the advanced enterprise in national construction industry in 2009.

in 2011Promoted

In 2011, the group company's general contractor for municipal public engineering was promoted to first level qualification, and furthermore, the company awarded the specialized contracting qualification for urban rail transit.

in 2012Honor

Cheng Long Construction Group Co., Ltd. was awarded the "Leading Enterprise in Jinhua Construction Industry" and Liu Meichan, the board chairman of the group was awarded the "Outstanding Contribution Entrepreneur in Jinhua Construction Industry".

in 2013Celebration ceremony

Up to 2013, Cheng Long Group has been founded for 20 years. The 20th anniversary celebration of the group was held in the first floor studio of the Yiwu telecasting building. Growing out of nothing from weak to strong and with the spirit of pioneer, Cheng Long people are struggling in the spring tide of construction market and make out the Cheng Long history with diligence and wisdom.

in 2015Honor

Liu Weibin, the president of Cheng Long group was  awarded the titles of "National Excellent Construction Entrepreneur", "The Top Ten Outstanding Entrepreneurs in Zhejiang Construction Industry".

in 2017Promoted
The general contractor for constructional engineering of group company was promoted to special class certificate, and at the same time, the company obtained the class-A qualification for building design.

······Looking forward to the future
With struggling and progressive spirit, Cheng Long people promote heritage of more than 20 years of quality culture, continue to practise its skills diligently to consolidate the basis. And we will be closely focusing on development strategy to quicken the pace of transformation and upgrading, so as to promote Cheng Long business into a new development stage and to firmly stride forward to the goal of lasting century-old enterprise.